January 26, 2020

Podcast Episode IV: Paul R. Turner of Food For Life Global

In this episode we talk with Paul R. Turner, International Director & Co-founder of Food for Life Global, the largest food relief organization on the planet that is also plant-based. We discuss the concept of spiritual hospitality, the power of food to transform consciousness and using food as a medium to promote a sense of unitiy and spiritual equality among all beings.

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We also discuss newly launched The Om Guarantee, a cost efficent way for socially responsible companies to make a positive social impact in the lives of children, animals and the planet.

We round off our discussion with Turner sharing a bit about life on Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary. Founded by Paul & his wife Juliana, it is the first sanctuary established in South America and the only animal sanctuary existing in Colombia.

Visit The Om Guarantee online at https://omguarantee.com/

Visit Food for Life Global at https://www.ffl.org

Visit Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary online at: https://julianasanimalsanctuary.org/

Podcast V: Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture

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