June 5, 2023

Winter Updates from Vegan Farms

Coverage of vegan farming at Pacific Roots Magazine is intended, in part, to raise visibility of the reality and viability of vegan agriculture worldwide. We are excited to share Winter updates from a few of the farms we have previously featured. Enjoy!


Read our 2019 feature with Vermont based Arbor Farmstead here: http://pacificrootsmagazine.com/arbor-farmstead/

Visit Arbor Farmstead online at: https://arborfarmstead.com/

Winter photos update from Arbor Farmstead below!

Butternut squash, Photo: Arbor Farmstead
Delicata squash & heirloom pie pumpkin, Photo: Arbor Farmstead
Heirloom potatoes, Photo: Arbor Farmstead
Though we are not selling any fresh fruit in the winter, we do offer frozen fruit and value added products through farmers’ markets & to local restaurants, Photo: Arbor Farmstead
We trialed winter greens inside one of the high tunnels. Here is a peek at the winter kale. Photo: Arbor Farmstead
Photo: Arbor Farmstead
Photo: Arbor Farmstead
We prune many perennial plants, including aronia, elderberry, currant, honeyberry & fruit trees in the winter and spring. Here Mable is inspecting raspberry canes. Photo: Arbor Farmstead
We take cuttings from native plants when they are dormant in the winter so we can grow more. Pictured is red osier dogwood & willows, which do well in wet areas and are well loved by pollinators for their relatively early blooms. Photo: Arbor Farmstead
We intentionally try and keep some areas “scruffy” to provide overwintering habitat for wildlife, including pollinators. Photo: Arbor Farmstead
Arugula sprouted during a stretch of restively warm winter weather. Photo: Arbor Farmstead


Read our 2019 feature with Michigan based Saginaw Meadows here: http://pacificrootsmagazine.com/veganic-farm-saginaw-meadows/

Visit Saginaw Meadows online here

Winter photo updates from Neil at Saginaw Meadows below!

200+ heads of garlic overwintering, Photo: Saginaw Meadows
Barn, Photo: Saginaw Meadows
Cold fram: kale & spinach under floating row cover, Photo: Saginaw Meadows
Snowy day, Photo: Saginaw Meadows
Spinach & Kale, Photo: Saginaw Meadows


Read our 2019 feature with Frankfurt & Berlin based vegan, organic farm & cooperative Plantage here: http://pacificrootsmagazine.com/vegan-organic-german-farm-plantage/

Visit Plantage online at: https://www.plantage.farm/

Winter photo updates from Judith at Plantage below!

Photo: Plantage
Photo: Plantage
Photo: Plantage
Photo: Plantage
Photo: Plantage

Read more vegan agriculture & farm coverage at Pacific Roots Magazine here: http://pacificrootsmagazine.com/category/veganic-agriculture-farming/

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Welcome! Launched in Summer 2019, Pacific Roots Magazine is a platform devoted to issues of veganic agriculture, sustainability, plant based food & more. We welcome you along for the journey as we explore, learn & develop further awareness about this home we call Earth. 

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