May 28, 2024

Podcast: Jonina Turzi & Sarah Salluzzo, Lancaster Farm Sanctuary

“That’s where the advocacy and education piece comes in and that’s why that is so important to us because otherwise you’re just treading water trying to save animals. It’s the system that’s the problem and that’s what we need to work on changing.” -Sarah Salluzzo, Lancaster Farm Sanctuary

“Why not have plant-based, community oriented agriculture? As a role model here in Lancaster we have a very long history of farming using cover crop or green manure, so that’s been done here for long periods of time and only now that the industrial agricultural component has come into play do we have mechanized, massive monoculture fields (…). We want to go back to our roots. We want to go back to the soil, back to how humans and animals can be together and yet the food system itself will not be exploitative of the animals.” -Jonina Turzi, Lancaster Farm Sanctuary

In Pacific Roots Magazine Podcast Episode VII we talk with Jonina & Sarah of Pennsylvania based Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. We discuss the joys & challenges of sanctuary work, stories of various animals living there, the transformative & practical effects of the various events & tours of the Sanctuary, plans for expansion, the intention of the media they produce & more!

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Lancaster Farm Sanctuary FB page
Lancaster Farm Sanctuary FB page

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Podcast V: Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture

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