April 14, 2024

Editor’s Letter, Summer 2019

From the moment, earlier this year, when I decided to establish Pacific Roots Magazine, I knew it would be devoted to a number of issues and themes: animal advocacy, news and features from animal sanctuaries around the world, plant based and vegan food, environmental issues, veganic farming and agriculture, green city initiatives and more.

I wanted to create a platform for awareness as well as advocacy. I wanted to create the platform not as a subject matter expert, but as an engaged and curious global citizen, dedicated to exploring the issues, gathering the stories, interviews and content to be able to present on a regular basis.

Pacific Roots Magazine is launching as a website– no pdf to download and no print publication. As much as I love the print experience (I’ve loved magazines and the ritual of them in hand ever since I was a young girl), this is for reasons as straightforward and simple as time and cost.

Still, of course I hope for this site to provide a space and enriching reading rituals for those who already are familiar with these themes as well as those who are just curious to find out more.

So while it is not a magazine in the traditional sense, content at Pacific Roots will be published in “drops” and as with much media today, benefit from its digital nature. The spirit of Pacific Roots Magazine is truly global in its inception, with the first drop of content including:

  • Interview with Washington based sanctuary Wolf Haven International
  • Feature on California based organization Seed the Commons which works towards sustainable food systems, animal liberation, veganic agriculture & more
  • Feature on Sheldrick Wildlife Trust , UK & Kenya based elephant rehabilitation & orphanage
  • Interview with Chef Cola, a Zimbabwean chef & local culinary pioneer, working with the International Anti Poaching Foundation & serving as vegan chef for the Akshinga, an all-female anti-poaching ranger unit, hosting local vegan dinners & more
  • Coverage of Oslo as Europe’s Environmental Capital 2019
  • Interview with Juliana of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, Colombia’s sole animal sanctuary with photos by Daniel Turbert of The Sentient Project
  • Interview with Amy Burkman, advocacy minded speed painting artist
  • Feature on Unwrapped, Stockholm’s first Zero Waste boutique grocer
  • Interview with Düsseldorf based VeggieWorld, organizers of vegan expos in multiple cities worldwide
  • Feature on Ecofemme, an India-based, women-led social enterprise promoting menstrual health education & cloth pad advocacy
  • Interview with Gittemarie, Danish Zero Waste blogger & educator
  • Feature on Wild Futures, UK based primate welfare & conservation center

Welcome to Pacific Roots Magazine. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Annika Lundkvist

Podcast V: Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture

Editor’s Note

Welcome! Launched in Summer 2019, Pacific Roots Magazine is a platform devoted to issues of veganic agriculture, sustainability, plant based food & more. We welcome you along for the journey as we explore, learn & develop further awareness about this home we call Earth. 

International Biocyclic Vegan Network