June 22, 2024

Editor’s Letter, August 2019

Beginning in August 2019, new articles at Pacific Roots Magazine will appear on the first Thursday of the month. We already foresee a little twist at the turn of the year (Third Thursday sounds mighty appealing…) but for the remainder of 2019 you can expect and enjoy content drops on first Thursday’s here at pacificrootsmagazine.com

It was largely with a thought of the future my own children may face that I had the idea of creating Pacific Roots Magazine this year. I do not own land or have any extraordinary physical assets to pass on to them, but, I realized, what if I could pass on to them the tremendous value of meaningful experience? Such as the very experiences I increasingly seek myself to add depth to this human life and my understanding of the world we live in.

I envisioned interviewing and writing about vegan farms around the world to learn more about veganic agriculture and also, importantly, to share the stories via this platform, demonstrating the reality that we can grow food without animal manure and other byproducts of “livestock” and slaughterhoouses.

I thought of how wonderful this prospect was- raising my children with this growing awareness and incorporating visits to such farms in their upbringing and, when possible and ready, to begin veganic gardening ourselves on a little plot of Earth.

You might wonder or think, is vegan farming even possible? Indeed it is and continuous coverage of this theme is at the heart of Pacific Roots Magazine.

Features of animal advocacy and animal sanctuaries are also at the heart of this platform. I know I have to raise my children with the understanding of not harming other creatures. It can be challenging in a world that often views animal life as a commodity, a product and existing only to serve human need. Our societies have ingrained in them a systematically violent treatment of countless animals. But it is my belief that as humans, allowing animals to co-exist and not be subject to harm by humans need not be such a radical act. It can be a standard and natural thread of everyday life.

Also at the heart of this platform is education and cultivating awareness around themes of sustainable living. I am aware that “sustainability” as a term had a hot moment and was a trending topic. But sustainability is not a trend and in terms of natural resources, waste and our relationship to the environment, cannot be discussed and examined enough.

As shared in the Editor’s Letter for the launch of Pacific Roots Magazine last month, we do not present ourselves as subject matter experts in all themes explored here. We are here to learn as well.

August content includes features and interviews with organizations and people all around the world doing interesting and essential work, often with environment and issues of sustainability in mind. Explore this months drop of content linked via articles below.

I hope you enjoy this month’s content.

Annika Lundkvist

Podcast V: Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture

Editor’s Note

Welcome! Launched in Summer 2019, Pacific Roots Magazine is a platform devoted to issues of veganic agriculture, sustainability, plant based food & more. We welcome you along for the journey as we explore, learn & develop further awareness about this home we call Earth. 

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